Loving Her Mind

Submitted by KCH on Thu, 05/25/2023 - 5:39pm
Loving Her Mind Event
One of the tragedies of severe mental illness is the secrecy and stigma that entraps those who struggle inside invisible rooms walled by shame, blame, rejection, and isolation.
The caregivers struggle, too.

Loving Her MindThis is the story of how one person broke free of the stigma, learned to see the mind and soul beyond the disease, and discovered hope in the struggle.

But there's more. How do we remove the stigma that prevents recovery?

Let's talk about it. Thousands suffer from the effects of mental illness stigmas.

Held captive by their secrets, they are trapped. Survival relies on going out of our way to seek understanding, pursuing education, learning communication tools, and practicing self-care to slay stigma and tap into the freedom to S.T.I.R.© up love and life for better health.

Location: Connections Fitness at Centerburg Health and Wellness
Date: Wednesday, May 31st,6:00-7:00 pm
Call: 740.393.9875 to reserve your spot.